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The Henry County Clerk’s Office is responsible for all motor vehicle licensing, lien recordings, marriage licenses & notary bonds. This office also maintains records of deeds, mortgages, wills, etc. We are responsible for collecting delinquent property taxes and conducting the delinquent tax sale. All county elections are held by this office.

Employee Profiles

Henry County Clerk

Shanda Archer

[email protected]
Shanda started with the clerk’s office in 1997 as a deputy clerk. She was then elected County Clerk in November 2014. She takes pride in serving the citizens of Henry County. She and her family reside in Henryton.

Deputy Clerks

Casey Baxter

Casey has been with the office since 1998 & serves as chief deputy clerk. She works the front line & is also responsible for the majority of bookkeeping & reports. She and her family reside in Lacie.

Trinika Laughlin.

Trinika started working elections for the Henry County Clerk’s Office in 2020. She graduated part-time in 2021. She mostly works on the frontline but also helps with back indexing in the Deed Room. She and her fur baby reside in New Castle.

Jennifer Shannon

[email protected]
Jennifer has been with the office since 2008. She works the frontline & also processes voter registrations and is in charge of preparing for county elections. She and her family reside in Pleasureville.

Olivia Herrell

[email protected]
Olivia has been with the office since 2017. She works in the recording dept., is responsible for the county delinquent tax sale. She also assists on the frontline as needed. She resides in Bethlehem with her fur baby.

Gabby Ethington

Gabby has been with the office since 2019. She works the frontline and assists with recordings, delinquent taxes, and enters most title lien information. She and her fur baby reside in Pleasureville.

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Henry County Clerk

Shanda Archer

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday
8:00am – 4:00pm

We are closed from
Noon - 1:00 PM for lunch

Physical Address:

27 South Property Rd
New Castle KY 40050

Mailing Address:

PO BOX 615
New Castle KY 40050


Phone: 502-845-5705
Fax: 502-845-5708

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