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The Henry County Clerk’s Office is where you go to license your vehicles, boats, and trailers.  We issue your marriage licenses and notary bonds.  This office maintains the records of deeds, mortgages, wills, etc.  We record title lien statements and delinquent taxes.  The Henry County Clerk’s Office is also responsible for handling the County and City elections.

We promise to extend our courteous service to the people of our county.  We intend to make sure the latest and most helpful information will appear on this website.  Contact us at any time via email or a phone call.  We are here to serve you!

Henry County Clerk

Shanda E. Archer
[email protected]
Shanda started her county government career as a deputy clerk in April 1997.  She was elected November of 2014, and is now blessed to be starting her second term as Henry County Clerk.  She is an outstanding citizen of this county and life time resident.  Not only does Shanda fulfill the requirements as clerk, but also works on the front line.  She has pride in being available to help not just people who call, but everyone who may walk in our door.  She and her family reside in Franklinton.


Deputy Clerks


Lashann and her family live in Turners Station.  She is a valuable employee on the front line handling all office procedures.  She processes renewals and transfers of motor vehicles, boats  & trailers.  Lashann also issues marriage licenses and handles most of our salvage title vehicle work load.

Beth Hall
Beth has been part of the Henry County Clerk’s Office since 1998.  Around the fall of 1999, she started shadowing the previous record recorder and then took over that position when they retired.  Over the years she has gained a wealth of knowledge where land records are concerned.  Beth plans to retire in the fall of 2019, and has been training Olivia Herrell to fill her spot once she leaves.  Since Olivia has joined us, Beth has been floating between the recording department and the front line, helping wherever she has been needed.

Casey Baxter
With the clerk’s office since September 1998, Casey works on the front line.  She processes renewals and transfers of motor vehicles, boats and trailers.  Other front line duties include notarizing documents, issuing marriage licenses and notary bonds.  She also is responsible for a majority of our book keeping and car reports.  With her impeccable organizational skills, Casey keeps us in order and on task!  She is a blessing to have on board.

Jennifer Shannon
[email protected]
Jennifer started working in the Clerk’s office in April 2008.  She works on the front line and also handles the huge responsibility of the county’s election process.  Election department duties include the imputing of daily voter registration card information, verifying daily printouts, and then the scanning of the record.  She consults with candidates regarding their petition filings and prepares absentee ballot applications for mailing.  She, husband, and baby to be live in Pleasureville.

Halie Bates
Halie lives in Eminence and started part time at the clerk’s office Dec 2010.  She works on the front line where we process renewals and transfers of motor vehicles, boats and trailers.  Other front line duties include notarizing documents, issuing marriage licenses and notary bonds. Halie’s positive attitude and willing to always help out is definitely an asset to the office.

Olivia Herrell
[email protected]
The newest member of our team.  She lives in Bethlehem.  Olivia has been put in charge of the recording department, as Beth Hall prepares to retire.  As the head person in the recording department, Olivia is responsible for receiving and recording deeds, mortgages, title liens, etc.  She also collects delinquent property taxes throughout the year and is responsible for compiling all information for the county’s delinquent tax sale.  Olivia also works on the front line, helping with all the duties of vehicle transactions.

Henry County Clerk
Shanda Archer

Henry County Clerk’s Office
Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday
8:00am – 4:00pm

Last Monday of the Month
8:00am – 5:30pm

Physical Address:
27 South Property Rd
New Castle KY 40050

Mailing Address:
PO BOX 615
New Castle KY 40050

Phone: 502-845-5705
Fax: 502-845-5708

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