Recording FAQ’s

Can I call and get information over the phone about recorded information?
Yes, if you know the buyer/sellers name and a specific date then certain recorded information can be given over the telephone, otherwise you must come to the County Clerk’s Office.
If I am searching for an older marriage license, what information do I need?
To locate an older marriage license we need either the bride or groom’s name, maiden name for the bride, and the year you think the marriage took place. Marriage licenses back to Sept. 1985 can be viewed on our public computers. For marriage licenses older than 1950, please contact the Henry County Historical Society.
Can I search documents on my own?
All records in our Deed Room are subject to public record and you are more than welcome to come look through them. We also have 3 public computers you can use to search for documents electronically.
Can I get copies of documents at the County Clerk's Office?
Yes. Copies can be made by you for $0.25 per page in the copier in the Record Room. A certified copy is $5.00.
Will the County Clerk's employees call if documents are incomplete or fail to meet Kentucky Statute requirements for recording?
Depends on the reason for rejection. If it is something that can be corrected via email, we will call. If not, Recorders will prepare a rejection form and include it with the rejected document as method of explanation.
How are individual names indexed?
The names of individuals are indexed as they appear on the document. The surname if followed by the given name and the middle name or initial.
How are firms names indexed?
Firm names are indexed as they appear on the document.
Are dashes, commas, periods included in the indexing of names?
When indexing a firm name is the word "The" used as the first word in the indexed name?
What is the price to record…?
Are there certain standards beyond KRS requirements that are needed for a document to be recorded?
What do I need to record a Plat?

Plats must be prepared by a professional surveyor and require their stamped seal. All signatures should be on the same side/page as the plat details. Plats must be approved by the Planning & Zoning Office before they can be recorded. 4 copies are needed for recording:

  • 1 copy no bigger than 11×17
  • 1 copy no bigger than 18×36 for the plat cabinet
  • 2 copies any size

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